About Bepanthen®

Gentle & Effective

Each product in the Bepanthen® range has gentle and effective healing properties. Bepanthen® has developed a range of effective products for your family.

Bepanthen® Ointment is a product in the range that effectively helps treat and prevent nappy rash. A clinical study1 has shown that using Bepanthen® Ointment to help protect baby’s skin at every nappy change can help lead to a lower incidence of nappy rash.

Bepanthen® Ointment is free from all colours, fragrances and preservatives, so it’s the gentle choice to help treat and prevent baby’s nappy rash.


Bepanthen® Ointment was introduced in Europe over 60 years ago and has been used worldwide to effectively treat babies with nappy rash.

Over the years, we’ve continued to discover the latest ingredients and formulas to treat skin problems.

Bepanthen® Ointment's key ingredient is Dexpanthenol, also known as Pro-Vitamin B5, which helps the skin maintain and repair its natural barrier from within.


From its earliest days, Bepanthen® has been at the cutting-edge of skin care treatment, developing innovative ingredients and products to effectively treat skin.