Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare

Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare

Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare Ointment is dermatologically tested to aid skin recovery and protect tattoos. Same effective formula as Bepanthen Nappy Rash Ointment.

  • The formula with Pro-vitamin B5 creates a waterproof and breathable protective layer that provides the moisture level needed to help the skin to regenerate from within and to stabilise the natural skin barrier function.
  • Free from Preservatives and Fragrances
  • 93% of users on average feel that the product soothes their tattooed skin*[1]
  • Also suitable for aftercare following cosmetic tattooing

Can Bepanthen Tattoo Ointment cause tattoo colour fading?

Bepanthen® Tattoo Ointment has been dermatologically tested on tattooed skin in a clinical study. The clinical study investigated the efficacy and cosmetic performance of Bepanthen® Tattoo Ointment on the healing of freshly tattooed skin when applied 4-8 times daily over 14 days. All participants showed an uncomplicated healing process of the skin and there were no reported adverse events considered unrelated to the tattooing process. Tattoo colour fading was not reported as an adverse effect to Bepanthen® Tattoo Ointment in the clinical study1.

Same effective formula as Bepanthen® Nappy Rash Ointment.

*Based on the results of a study questionnaire, which was filled in by subjects during visits on Day 2, Day 7 and Day 14(n=56 subjects). Application of Bepanthen® Ointment 4–8 times daily for 14 days on newly tattooed skin. 


  1. Olsavszky R. et al. Wounds International 2019; 10(1):33-39. Sponsored by Bayer Consumer Care. Supplementary subject self-assessment questionnaire available on request from Bayer.

Tattoo Aftercare Guide

Tattoo Guide

Whether it's your first or thirty-first tattoo, aftercare is key. It's what will protect your tattooed skin over the next few weeks. So follow these steps, along with your artist's advice

Tattoo Guide bottom
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1. Don't Touch

No peeking under the bandage. Keep it on for however long your artist tells you - usually at least two hours.

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2. Remove the bandage

Always wash your hands with mild soap before any physical contact with your fresh tattoo. When removing the bandage, be gentle. If it sticks to your skin, try wetting it with lukewarm water so it comes off more easily.

3. Wash the skin

You may see some blood or ooze - gross, but normal. Gently wash the tattooed area and surrounding skin at least once daily with lukewarm water and a mild soap.

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4. Dry it well

Pat the skin dry with a clean paper towel or alternatively allow the tattoo to air dry, and no rubbing. Seriously. You may irritate the skin or make it bleed.

5. Moisturise with Bepanthen

It's important to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Apply a thin layer to cover the tattooed area evenly at least four
times a day and as needed.

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6. Keep it up

Continue to clean and moisturise the tattooed area until it has completely healed (may take up to 4 weeks). Keep it up even after the scabs are gone. FYI, there may be scabs.

7. Things to avoid
  • Scratching the skin or picking scabs
  • Immersing your tattoo in water, such as hot baths, spas or swimming pools
  • Harsh or direct sunlight
  • Tight, restrictive clothing
  • Working out or straining the area

Note: If your skin continues to swell, stays red or feels hot, keep your cool and talk to a healthcare professional.


Any questions, just call your tattoo artist.

Adapted from: Tattooing-Safe and Hygienic Practice. BSI Standards Limited. BS EN 17169:2020