Why Bepanthen®

How Bepanthen® works

Bepanthen® products are formulated to soothe, actively heal and protect your skin from irritations and wounds. In the event of a skin problem arising for you or your little ones, Bepanthen® can provide gentle healing for the skin.

Bepanthen® has a range of effective products available for the family ranging from treatment of nappy rash to treatment of minor wounds, cuts and abrasions.

Upon application, Bepanthen® gets to work straight away deep within the skin by penetrating the skin layers, it doesn’t just sit on the surface, and it also allows the skin to breathe for optimal skin health.

Bepanthen® contains ingredients used for their superior moisturising and nourishing properties. The Pro-Vitamin B5 in Bepanthen® Ointment continues to work its “magic” from the inside out by supporting the regeneration process – or the “miracle” we know as healing.

Bepanthen® and your family

Bepanthen® has been healing skin for over 60 years, with innovative products that offer protection and gentle healing when it’s needed most.

We are there to help soothe, actively heal and protect your baby from nappy rash or heal your little one’s first cuts and scrapes.

Bepanthen® has an effective range of products that are suitable for the whole family.