Scar Care

About Scars

Scarring following your injury is a natural process that happens when the skin repairs itself.

Your skin contains collagen fibres that help to keep it strong and elastic. When your skin is wounded it reacts by producing extra collagen to repair the wound. Excess collagen may lead to excess scarring and red and raised scars.

The skin repair phase may take many months. The type of scar you end up with will depend on the nature of the injury, the size, where it is on the body and the depth of the wound. When a wound affects the deeper layer of skin, a scar is unavoidable but its final appearance can be visibly improved with proper support.

Red and raised scars can be distressing and may affect your self-esteem and confidence in social situations.

NEW Bepanthen® Scar Treatment’s innovative formula and massage roller has been specially designed to help provide this support.

Wound healing and scar prevention

There are things you can do to help minimise scarring. Commence Bepanthen® Scar Treatment as soon as your wound is closed to help support your skins’ natural healing process and help prevent a red and raised scar. If you have an older scar, that is already red and raised, Bepanthen® Scar Treatment helps to visibly improve the appearance of your scar.

Scar Treatment

Bepanthen® Scar Treatment

For a visible difference

For new or old scars, it’s not too late.

Bepanthen® Scar Treatment has been developed using scientific recommendations for scar management, providing a unique formulation and massage device.

In new scars, if applied after the wound is closed, Bepanthen® Scar Treatment helps prevent the formation of a red and raised scar.

In older scars, that are already red and raised, Bepanthen® Scar Treatment helps to smooth, soften and flatten existing scars and reduce the redness and itching.

Triple action treatment for smoother, softer, flatter scars

Bepanthen® Scar Treatment is a silicone based gel. Topical Silicone treatments are recommended in International Guidelines as first line therapy for the prevention and treatment of red and raised scars1-5.

Bepanthen Scar Treatment

Bepanthen® Scar Treatment

NEW Bepanthen® Scar Treatment. Smoother, softer, flatter scars for a visible difference.

Bepanthen® Scar Treatment has a unique triple action:

How to Use

Suitable for use on adults and children > 3 years old. The silicone gel is free from preservatives, colourants and fragrances.

For more information see Bepanthen® Scar Treatment

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